Scary news has just been made public by Russian hard rock / metal band the Slot. A frightening altercation involving female vocalist Dariya 'Nookie' Stavrovich and an unnamed male attacker left the singer with multiple stab wounds to her neck. Nookie has been rushed to the hospital in "moderately grave" condition and the Slot have even reached out to fans to recruit potential blood donors.

Since forming in 2002, the Slot have become very popular in their home country of Russia. Thanks to the Internet, they've gained fans from all over the world by creating aggressive rock and metal with an industrial edge. The shocking stabbing incident took place during an album signing session in St. Petersburg, Russia, today (April 18).

The stabbing of Nookie seemed to come out of nowhere, as described on the band's Facebook page:

Today, on the 18th of April, before The SLOT's signing session, an armed attack was made on the members ot the band near the cafe "Stoker" in St. Peterburg.

The malefactor armed with a knife, tried to attract attention of the members of the band and to start a conversation with them. After that he stabbed Nookie (Dariya Stavrovich) several times in her neck.

Fortunately she was able to protect herself from some of the hits with her hands.
The offender was neutralized and was caught red-handed. After that he was followed to police Department.

After Nookie was given first aid by Cache, she was immediately rushed to the hospital. The hospital described her general condition as moderately grave.
Fortunately at the present moment there is no threat to Nookie's life and she is staying at the Mariinskaya hospital.

Let's wish her a speedy and painless recovery!

The band followed up with another statement asking fans to donate blood. Here is the rough Russian translation:

For speedy recovery of Nookie, [she] required a blood transfusion, it is normal procedure for such injuries.

If you are from St. Petersburg, please repost and come to donate blood.


The donor can be anyone over the age of 18 years and weighing more than 50 kg. Have Passport.

Contact the Mariinsk hospital branch of blood transfusion.

The statement goes on to give instructions for how to safely and affectively give blood.

Update: On Saturday, The Slot posted some good news about Nookie's condition, saying:

According to the doctors, the threat to her life passed. She became conscious. More detailed information will be posted later. We thank everyone for support one more time!

We wish Dariya 'Nookie' Stavrovich a full recovery. Check out a recent video from the Slot below.

The Slot, Просточеловек


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