We’ve got a new YouTube challenge to test your subconscious. All you’ve gotta do is sit down, hit play and don’t get chills while listening to these 10 rock and metal tracks.

This ain’t a “Try Not to Headbang” challenge where you can stiffen up your neck and focus on remaining stoic to ensure a victory. You literally have no control over the outcome of this challenge, just buckle up and see if your brain shoots a chill or hits you with goosebumps. Will you be betrayed by your own reflexes? We’re putting you to the test.

If you’re an Iron Maiden fan, there’s no way to resist being awestruck by the band’s legendary Rock in Rio performance of “Fear of the Dark.” With thousands of people “woahing” the main riff back at the British legends, a new Maiden tradition was born. Or how about Ronnie James Dio’s haunting yet beautiful opening to “Don’t Talk to Strangers”? If his iconic voice hasn’t given you chills before, we seriously question your metal cred.

For all you guitar fiends out there, we’ve got you trapped in a corner as well. We’ve got one of the smoothest legato shreds of all time with Buckethead’s breathtaking “Soothsayer.” If that doesn’t get you, perhaps the monstrous buildup of Gojira’s “Flying Whales” will start those shivers. Even if you don’t dig the masterful song, those giant pick scraps may trigger a chill through pitch alone.

Can you make it to the end? Check out The Ultimate Don’t Get Chills Challenge in the Loud List above.

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