The Used and Dead Sara invaded New York City last night to jam for a sold-out crowd at Irving Plaza. Fans of the Used were just as rabid as they've always been, with wall-to-wall, back-to-front moshing consuming the entire venue, and Dead Sara surprised the crowd with an incredibly solid and powerful set, no doubt gaining hundreds of new fans.

Stars in Stereo opened the show with their female fronted brand of power pop, including a cover of the Nine Inch Nails classic 'Closer.' Although Stars in Stereo received a warm response from the crowd, it was the next band that lit a fire under everyone in attendance.

If the state of the music industry mirrored that of the early '90s, when innovation and raw power were not only accepted, but embraced by the MTVs of the world, Dead Sara would be one of the biggest bands on the planet. Don't get us wrong, the band is still incredible in 2012, taking the young NYC crowd in the palm of their hands with their unique style of intense hard rock.

Dead Sara vocalist Emily Armstrong has a beautiful, raspy and awe-inspiring voice, which commanded the undivided attention of the crowd. Thrashing around stage with her guitar like Kurt Cobain in his prime, Armstrong has the presence of a true rock star. The Dead Sara rhythm section kept a strong, groove-based foundation while lead guitarist Siouxsie Medley ripped the six-string with a mix of intensity and beauty on tracks such as set opener 'Sorry For It All' and 'Lemon Scent.'

The band ended the set with an extended version of their raucous radio hit 'Weatherman,' complete with Armstrong taking a huge jump off the venue's speakers and back onto the stage. As Armstrong screamed the song's repeated refrain 'go for the kill,' the band did just that, as they proceeded to slay the audience. Look out for Dead Sara as a headlining act in the future, because they have the potential of giants.

As the lights went out for the Used, the screaming of hardcore fans completely filled Irving Plaza. As a black curtain dropped, the Used appeared onstage playing 'Put Me Out' from their latest album, 'Vulnerable.' The crowd suddenly rushed forward to get as close as they could to their post-hardcore heroes.

As the Used cruised through new single 'I Come Alive' and fan favorites such as 'Take It Away,' 'The Bird and the Worm' and 'Buried Myself Alive,' the musical trio of Quinn Allman, Jeph Howard and Dan Whitesides remained tight, although frontman Bert McCracken struggled to stay in tune with the band. Bert was feeling ill the day of the show but the beloved vocalist powered through the set nonetheless.

Despite McCracken's vocal issues, the crowd gave all their love to the Used as the mass of people jumped and sang along with the band's 90-minute set.

Stay tuned for our exclusive interviews with both the Used and Dead Sara. The Used's sixth album, 'Vulnerable' is now available, as is Dead Sara's stunning self-titled debut disc.

Check Out Photos of The Used, Dead Sara and Stars in Stereo at Irving Plaza in N.Y.

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