Theory of a Deadman are preparing their follow-up to 2014's Savages, but haven't been entirely silent since the album's release. Showcasing their softer approach to music, they covered Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" prior to his passing last year and have offered up another stripped down, emotion cover song with Sting's "Shape of My Heart."

The Canadian alt / grunge rockers stay true to the original version, starting off with the familiar light acoustic picking. Light percussion enters on the verse with shakers padding the empty space as singer Tyler Connolly almost perfectly mirrors Sting's inflections and subtle vocal nuances throughout the moving track. One addition that Theory of a Deadman made was a small synth part over the chorus of "Shape of My Heart," putting a small modern twist on things.

After heavy touring in 2016 and no dates announced yet this year, it appears that Theory of a Deadman have concluded the cycle for Savages. The group is currently hammering away at their sixth studio record in England, which could see a 2017 release. With the new album, the band will aim to land their third consecutive Billboard 200 Top 10 spot as the last two both topped out at No. 8.

Back in 2015, Connolly gave Loudwire an exclusive look inside Theory of a Deadman's tour bus, showing us each component including a small kitchen area, the bunks they sleep in as well as the back lounge equipped with TV, satellite dish and, of course, some video games. Check it out in the video directly below.

Theory of a Deadman - Tour the Tour Bus

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