We'd say, "Here's your weird story of the day," if we hadn't already reported on a headbanging sign twirler. To kick off the week, we have another peculiar story, this time involving a stolen pizza delivery car that was returned (with a full tank of gas), minus the driver's metal CD collection, save for one album.

According to Munchies, a Canadian pizza delivery man, Josh Cook, had his car stolen while he left it running as he walked up to the apartment that had ordered a pizza. What makes this ordeal even worse than being left stranded at an apartment without his car was that it took place during a maritime blizzard.

Fortunately, the vehicle turned up in the exact location it was stolen from just 24 hours later as described by Cook in a Facebook post (seen below). Unfortunately, however, the car was abused heavily by the thieves, who damaged the suspension, transmission and exhaust. Not to mention, Cook's metal CD collection was nearly all but lost.

“I’m a pretty big metal fan and I still use CDs," Cook told Munchies. "They took everything; my Black Sabbath and Black Label Society albums. But they left my Pride and Glory album, which is one of the best albums that Zakk Wylde ever recorded. So I’m thankful for that. But all my best albums are gone.” They also left behind was a losing scratch-off lottery ticket and a small shovel, the former of which can be traced to the place of purchase. Further investigation is underway in an attempt to locate the perps.

Cook earned wages as a delivery man in an effort to care for his disabled mother. “With any luck I should be able to get into some form of vehicle and get back to work. I want to get out there and get a regular job where I don’t have to worry about this kind of thing happening," he said.

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