Three Days Grace gave us a taste of new music earlier this year when they issued the chart-topping 'Painkiller' single, but it may be a while longer before the band releases their first album with new frontman Matt Walst at the helm.

Bassist Brad Walst reveals that he expects the new album to arrive in early 2015, as the band has been alternating time between the studio and the road. "We kind of come and go as we please," Walst tells Billboard. "It's great to be able to take a couple of weeks and reflect on the songs instead of going in and hammering it out in a month or something. It lets the material breathe and everybody can make adjustments as needed." The bassist also confirmed that some of their new material may also be road tested during the band's shows this summer.

Speaking about how the music is shaping up, Walst explains, "It's a pretty aggressive record, to be honest. On 'Transit of Venus,' we brought the synth world in a little bit and experimented with songwriting and our whole process. But I gotta tell you, this whole record is quite heavy, sonically and lyrically. It's just got a heavy sound."

The bassist credits his brother with bringing a new passion to Three Days Grace, and he reveals that the band has a good 10 or so songs recorded for the new album. Walst expects to finish the disc in the coming months, with the early 2015 release likely.