Have you picked up Three Days Grace's Human album yet? For those of you who have, there's a certain sense of déjà vu and that was by design. Recently bassist Brad Walst and guitarist Barry Stock dropped by the Loudwire studios and told us that after the recent transition of the lineup from frontman Adam Gontier to Matt Walst, they made the decision to revisit the guitar-heavy sounds of their debut disc.

"We definitely wanted to go back to a guitar-heavy record," says Walst, crediting returning producer Gavin Brown for getting them in the right mindset. Guitarist Barry Stock adds, "Gavin's awesome as well at digging down inside you and pulling out real deep emotion. He did a great job on the first record and I think he did a great job on this record."

In the clip above, the two Three Days Grace members address several other topics as well. They touch on the addition of Matt Walst to the band and what his familiarity with brother Brad and the rest of Three Days Grace meant in terms of making a smooth transition during a difficult period.

The guys also discuss some of the odd places inspiration strikes and give insight into how their current single "Human Race" came about. And they also have a laugh at some of the more overwhelming things they've experienced while being up on the concert stage. Check out interview in the clip above.

Three Days Grace's Human album is out now. You can pick it up at Amazon and iTunes. And look for the band on the road at these tour stops.

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