Times of Grace, the collaborative project between Killswitch Engage's Jesse Leach and Adam Dutkiewicz, are finally nearing the finish line on their long-awaited second album.

When the band released their first album The Hymn of a Broken Man in 2011, it was one year before Leach officially made his return to Killswitch, and fans had hotly anticipated hearing the pair work together again. Killswitch have since released three more albums, including this year's Atonement, under Leach's second tenure, but this has done nothing to cause fan interest in Times of Grace to wane.

In April of 2017, Dutkiewicz said Times of Grace had demoed over a dozen songs for the next record and now Leach has confirmed the recording process will hopefully be complete following the last of two vocal sessions in California.

The singer shared the news in a lengthy Instagram post, explaining some of the setbacks in getting the record out as he refined his lyrics, which he struggled with. He thanked Dutkiewicz for his patience. "This one will be for the broken and wounded," he said of the forthcoming album.

Read Leach's full post below.

Looking at this photo it feels like a lifetime ago since the last time @times_of_grace_music played. I even look so much different now than back in those days all bloated and perpetually drunk...The new music has been complete for a while now just waiting for me to finish vocals. Adam D has been beyond patient for me to get through what seems like many obstacles, major life changes and more time than I’d like to admit it has taken me to face my demons long enough to write. The lyrics on this current album we are slowly working on are the deep, painful and soul searching type that can not be forced or faked. In fact even some of my most cherished ones thus far have not been up to par and I must dig deeper and deeper to find the proper words to convey what needs to be said. I want to thank my brother and musical soul mate Adam for his undying patience and sheer belief in my abilities. Even in times when I’ve doubted if I have enough snuff to keep up with his incredible drive and talent he has graciously reminded me I am worthy. I would also like to thank the 3rd official member of this project @holycrapzombies for his seriously amazing skills as a drummer and musician. He has been a close friend of ours since we toured with him as our drummer. He sounds absolutely phenomenal on this album! He had completed his drum parts over a year ago now and has been patiently waiting for the completion of vocals. Packing my bags to head to California for what I hope to be the last of two sessions to get this record done. I hope and pray I am able to produce and perform what is needed to make this album everything I feel it can be. No teasers here just a little note from me to let you know the wheels are still in fact in motion and I am beyond honored to be a part of this project and band despite my mental and musical shortcomings and countless disbelief in myself. This one will be for the broken and wounded, this is your album...

It's a great time for Killswitch Engage fans as the new Times of Grace album is on the horizon. The band also brought in former singer Howard Jones, who replaced Leach and then was later replaced by Leach, on Atonement as the two sang together on "The Signal Fire."

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