Tom DeLonge's quirky go as "Boomer" in blink-182's immortal music video for 2001's "First Date" endures even now. To honor the image that continues to proliferate as a meme, listeners can now order a plushy DeLonge Boomer talking doll from the musician's To the Stars site.

Because if it looks like Boomer and talks like Boomer, it's gotta be the Boomer Talking Plush. With a detachable stuffed skateboard at his feet and a removable beverage in his hand, the toy is clearly ready to have a good time. It's practically an action figure for blink-182 fans looking to recreate the glory of the "First Date" video with all their other dolls.

"10 inches of pure Cali vibes from this limited edition talking plush approved by Boomer," the toy's description reads. "Includes detachable beer and skate accessories. Squeeze his beer belly for a variety of dumb audio clips that could only come from the premiere idiot savant. Made from recycled stuffing. Available for advanced pre-order only. We will only produce the amount for pre-orders placed by March 18th."

And there's more Boomer stuff where that came from. An exclusive Boomer skate deck ($60) is currently on pre-order as well, which one can bundle with the DeLonge plush ($90).

But you'd better act fast if you want in on the action. The Boomer Talking Plush is now on a limited-time pre-order and is scheduled to ship in mid-to-late June. The doll retails at $37 a pop.

Get your order in at and make it last forever. What's our ages again?

Pictured: The Tom DeLonge 'Boomer' Plush Doll 2021
To the Stars Inc.

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