Prophets of Rage's Tom Morello knows how to make a good argument and deliver a pretty great speech. So it's of no surprise that he's championing the potential induction of Jane's Addiction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and doing a pretty great job of selling it. Morello penned an essay for Billboard giving Jane's his full support as they've been included on the ballot for this year.

The guitarist, who delivered a memorable induction speech for KISS a few years back, calls Jane's Addiction the "Sex Pistols of the Alternative Nation," explaining, "[They had] a small, brilliant catalog of songs and a shocking, groundbreaking ethos that changed music forever."

He went on to share his own association with the band, discovering them upon his move to Los Angeles in the latter portion of the '80s, and in a sea of metal excess at the time, Jane's Addiction caught his attention and stood out from the crowd.

"It blew my mind, jolted the axis of my understanding of rock music, and convinced me to extend the lease on my apartment on Normandie," stated the guitarist. "I had never heard anything like it. It was like a punk rock Led Zeppelin. Jane’s provided all the testosterone-fueled guitar riffage that my suburban upbringing required but mixed it with gorgeous acoustic songs and an underground artistry that was completely original and completely awesome. Savage but beautiful. Riff-heavy but smart. Jane’s didn’t look or sound like any other band in the history of rock 'n' roll, and within a short period of time they absolutely owned Los Angeles."

The guitarist posits, "Jane’s Addiction deserve to be in the worldwide Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but they are quintessentially a Los Angeles band. Perhaps the BEST LA band EVER if you can believe what the Red Hot Chili Peppers or Rage Against the Machine guys have to say. They are a band that sounds like the city in which they were formed. You can hear the violence, the drugs, the beauty, the ocean, the hope, smog, fear and redemptive power of Los Angeles in Jane’s music. And while, like all the best bands, Jane’s Addiction are greater than the sum of their parts, each member of the band is extraordinary in his own right."

Morello also states that not only were the music and performances amazing, but there are also points to be earned for forming Lollapalooza and smashing the barriers between genres that changed the music scene as we knew it.

He concludes, "Various important bands get credit for being the first “alternative” band to break through, bands that changed music and led rock out of the hair metal wilderness of the '80s. I’m here to set the record straight: It was 'Juanes Adiccion.' I can’t think of a more deserving candidate for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame." Read Morello's full essay at Billboard.

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