Back on! Tom Morello's performance at the National Nurses United rally, which was originally set to take place on May 18 at Chicago's Daley Plaza during the NATO summit, will go on as planned. The guitarist deemed it a victory the city, free speech and rock 'n' roll. There was a bureaucratic snafu earlier this week, with city officials getting involved and trying to force the demonstration to move elsewhere by revoking the required permit.

Officials of the Windy City had pulled the permit after the outspoken and politically active Rage Against the Machine guitarist was added to the performance slate. It was a move that made Morello, a Chicago native, feel particularly "unwelcome," even though officials claimed that moving the event to different location was necessary to account for the fact that more people would be attending the rally than initially thought.

However, the nurses' union reached an agreement with the city and the rally will go on as planned. Sounds like city was foiled!

According to Rolling Stone, Morello issued the following statement about the acquiescence of those trying to roadblock the show. It read as follows:

"The Mayor's office and NATO backed down because we stood up. This is a great victory for the nurses union, the people of Chicago, free speech and rock n' roll. Of course we're not a security threat to downtown Chicago, but we proudly remain a threat to the monied interests who failed to stifle us."

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