Meshuggah's name literally translates to "crazy" in Yiddish, an apt description of the band's jarring, polyrhythmic frenzy from writing to execution. Often times, various members are playing in different time signatures as Tomas Haake is tasked with keeping it anchored behind the kit. Using his limbs independently to operate in different timing as well, it makes fans wonder how Meshuggah even attack writing such overtly complex music, including us at Loudwire.

When Haake swung by our studio to discuss the band's newest album, The Violent Sleep of Reason, we asked the skinsman about Meshuggah's curious writing process. He detailed that the group never spends time writing while on tour like numerous other bands do and that they tend to compartmentalize their responsibilities and even a show three months out can disrupt the writing.

As the band's chief lyricist, Haake also described how he starts to pen the words early on to get ideas out and if vocalist Jens Kidman has much interaction in this process as well. For the overall songwriting, the drummer delivered a slightly shocking revelation that the band hasn't jammed together in years to write new music, but you'll have to watch through the video to see just how long it's been!

Grab your copy of Meshuggah's The Violent Sleep of Reason at Amazon or digitally through iTunes and catch the Swedes on the road starting Oct. 10 (dates here) with support coming from High on Fire.

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