We know, we know… listening to metal always makes you happy. However, these 10 tracks are purposefully joyful, triumphant and celebratory, allowing fans to grin from ear to ear while they headbang.

Is there a happier form of metal than power metal? Always upbeat and bound for glory, many of metal’s merriest anthems come from the genre’s most pagan corners. It was tough not to fill this entire list with power metal, so we picked out some stellar tracks from Stratovarius, Freedom Call and Angra.

They may have their detractors, but nobody can deny the joy Babymetal bring to their legions of rabid fans. To represent their contributions to the light side of metal, we included their breakout hit, “Gimme Chocolate!!” to the list. It doesn’t get more innocent than a song about sweets, and the track’s infectious chorus is more addictive than the candy it celebrates.

If anyone has mastered the art of injecting positivity, jubilation and pure euphoria into metal, it’s Devin Townsend. On his Epicloud album, Devy goes full-on “Hallelujah!” with giant choral arrangements and a wall of sound that feels like it’s coming from the sky. There’s plenty of bliss to be found throughout Epicloud, but we chose to highlight “Grace” for its orchestration and extremely positive message to “never fear love.”

Check out our picks for the Top 10 Happiest Metal Songs in the Loud List above.

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