Motley Crue bassist and Sixx: AM visionary Nikki Sixx celebrates his 53rd birthday today (Dec. 11). Given his struggles with addiction and brushes with death throughout his notorious career, we are especially thankful that Nikki has persevered and is still around bringing us music and his art in its various forms. With Motley Crue as active as ever, including an upcoming residency Feb. 3-19 at the Joint at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, we bring your Sixx of our favorite Motley Crue videos and wish the one and only Nikki Sixx a very happy birthday!

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    Although it's a performance video, 'Wildside' showed the Crue at their prime and is the epitome of what a high octane live rock show should look like.

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    'Dr. Feelgood'

    'Dr. Feelgood' ushered in a new era for Motley Crue and is considered the band's best album by many fans. The track still remains their highest charting single.

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    'Too Young To Fall In Love'

    Motley Crue takes on ninjas. Need we say more?

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    'Smokin in the Boys Room'

    Hey, who didn’t want 'Theatre of Pain' era Motley Crue to show up in their school bathroom and pull them on through to the other side? I know this girl did.

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    'Girls, Girls, Girls'

    Mothers, lock up your daughters -- the bad boys of rock are back. At the time, this video really pushed the envelope; how does it stand up to today's standards?


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    'Home Sweet Home'

    The quintessential power ballad set to big hair and eyeliner. What's not to love?

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