Trent Reznor gave a terminally ill fan the rush of his life during Nine Inch Nails' Nov. 16 performance in Las Vegas. Unable to attend the Vegas concert due to his battle with colon cancer, longtime NIN fan and photojournalist Andrew Youssef was given a special surprise from Reznor as he personally Facetimed with Youssef in the middle of Nine Inch Nails' show.

Andrew Youssef has been a concert photographer for seven years. The man's passion for music brought him to photograph countless bands, with Nine Inch Nails being one of Youssef's personal favorites. Sadly, Youssef was diagnosed with stage-4 colon cancer in 2011. According to, the 5-year observed survival rate for individuals with stage four colorectal cancer can be as low as 6 percent, but in Youssef's regular 'Last Shot' column for OC Weekly, he documents a refusal to give up his dream despite the odds against him.

Reznor became aware of Youssef's column, which led to a friendship between the two, with the duo even having lunch together every day for a full week. In the Sept. 26 edition of his 'Last Shot' chronicles, Youssef wrote of Nine Inch Nails' 'In This Twilight' in conjunction with his disease:

Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Nine Inch Nails and one of my favorite songs is "In This Twilight". Throughout my diagnosis, the meaning of a lot of the songs I like has changed drastically. This particular song resonates with me during the lyrics "As the time is running out.. Let me take away your doubt.. We can find a better place.. In this twilight"

In the same article, Youssef shared that he only had months, if not just weeks, to live according to his oncologists. The photojournalist planned to see Nine Inch Nails perform on Nov. 8 in Los Angeles, followed by the band's Vegas gig on Nov. 16.

Unfortunately, Youssef missed the Las Vegas show due to his condition, but after word of this reached Reznor, the NIN mastermind gave his ailing friend a call while onstage. The audience chanted "Andrew! Andrew!" while Reznor gave Youssef a 360˚ view of the arena, launching right into 'In This Twilight' after Reznor promised to call his friend after the show.

Check out the heartwarming footage in the video above.