Nine Inch Nails orchestrator Trent Reznor has not only broken boundaries with his music, but with his tactics regarding the music industry, as well. Reznor was one of the first mainstream musicians to actively take on and attack what he saw as unfair practices within the music industry. In a newinterview with TuneCore, Reznor again goes in-depth with his music industry analysis.

Reznor took the interview to the very beginning of Nine Inch Nails' fling with the industry. "What I was hearing when we were first getting signed was, "By your third or fourth album if you get your audience, that’s what we’re aiming for, and we look at you as a Prince type character, with a career like the Cure, or Depeche Mode or bands that’ve been around for a long time and that will continue to be around."

"Then you start to learn as you see contracts," continues Reznor. "Wow, whoever went along with this contract originally, it’s not a very fair contract. Let’s see, you as a record label lend me some money to make a record, and then I have to pay you back all that money. And after I pay it back, you own it forever. Wow. And then I get to make this little sliver on top of that, if I’ve recouped. But you get to control how much I spend on marketing and other things I have to pay you back for. So, wait a minute. I could sell this many records and still never recoup? And you do all the accounting? And then when you don’t pay me, ever, then I have to spend twenty-five grand to audit you, for you to then tell me 'Oh, yeah, we do owe you this much.' That kinda sucks."

As we recently covered, Reznor is planning to use 2012 as his canvas for a new Nine Inch Nails record. In this latest interview, he says, "I’ve kind of penciled this year in to write for Nine Inch Nails, to see what happens. No promises there, but coming out of two years sitting in a studio working just on film stuff, I’m ready to switch it up a little bit."

Read the entire interview with Trent Reznor at TuneCore.

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