The Lou Reed & Metallica collaborative album 'Lulu' is without a doubt the most infamous, reviled and debated upon release of 2011. Paolo Gregoletto, bassist for American metalcore band Trivium recently shared his "view" on the album, claiming that any fan who claims to understand 'Lulu' must be on some sort of drug trip.

During an in-depth interview with Swedish webzine 'Metal Shrine,' Gregoletto shot down the Lou Reed & Metallica collaboration with some tough love. “Eehhh, it’s really weird,” said Gregoletto. “Do I understand it? If anyone thinks they understand it, they’re on drugs. It’s a weird album, man! We listened to it… When the hell did we listen to it? Oh, on the last tour. We did a show in Tampa and a couple of us drove back to Orlando for the night because we were playing there the next day and we listened to most of it. We were just like, ‘What the f--- is this?’ It’s so weird."

"I saw some videos of it live and I don’t know, man," the Trivium bassist continued. "If those dudes are happy doing that, then more power to them, because they’re still my favorite band, but it’s really weird and I think everyone thinks that, too.”

Trivium are currently on tour throughout Europe and will hit North America starting New Year's Eve in their home state of Florida.

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