It's that confusing time of year! We're giving you a heads up with a friendly heavy metal reminder that it's time to turn back your clocks. In most of the U.S., you'll have to change your clocks before going to bed on Saturday night (Nov. 2), or, to be precise, 2AM on Sunday (Nov. 3). Just so you don't forget, here are five metal tunes that are all about time:


Iron Maiden, 'Caught Somewhere in Time'

Iron Maiden's foray into synthesizers began with a bang with this song kicking things off. If you forget which way to turn the clock, you may just end up 'Caught Somewhere in Time.'


Anthrax, 'Got the Time'

This Anthrax jam is a Joe Jackson cover and they rock the hell out of it. If you slip up and don't adjust your clock, you could be asking people "Got the time?" a lot on Nov. 3.


Immortal, 'Withstand the Fall of Time'

Immortal take things to a more doomsday mentality. Is all of this turn back the clock stuff driving you mad. Do you just want it to end? This may be song for you then.


Black Sabbath, 'Time Machine'

Black Sabbath's comeback album with Ronnie James Dio unleashed this single. Turning back the clock one hour on Nov. 3 is about as close as you're going to get to having a time machine.


Helloween, 'March of Time'

Helloween come from Germany, the first country to implement Daylight Saving Time. Don't let time march by you and remember to set your clock!