Hip-hop is more popular than ever, but if you’re looking to turn your rap friends into metalheads, try introducing them to these 10 bands.

Beyond their massive popularity, Slipknot have the rhythmic power to convert rap fans. The band’s self-titled album in particular has plenty of hip-hop influence, plus the influence of out-there rock acts like Faith No More. Songs like “Spit it Out,” “No Life” and “(sic)” all feature Corey Taylor rapping, while pulling Slipknot into the nu-metal universe.

There may be no heavier rap-metal group than Body Count. The band’s resurgence in the 2010s has brought some of the band’s best work, like “Talk Shit, Get Shot” and “No Lives Matter.” Out of nowhere, Ice-T became one of the definitive metal frontmen of the decade and Body Count resurrected a genre long thought to be dead. A great song is simply a great song, and Body Count have plenty for both metalheads and rap fans.

Plenty of debate surrounds the true architects of nu-metal. Whether you cite Rage Against the Machine or Korn as the godfathers, both acts will make hip-hop heads jump around. Few rock musicians have more universal respect from rappers than Zack de la Rocha, who wrote some of the tightest rhymes ever woven with the genre’s most thought-provoking lyrics.

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