What would we do without the boundless expanses of YouTube? The real answer probably has something to do with being a lot more productive, but why mow the lawn or clean the house when you can pass the time watching kids knock out some awesome metal covers?

That brings us to this tween girl, Sina, who decided to get behind the kit to tackle Metallica's all-time epic track, "Master of Puppets." The song is known for its endless parade of ever-shifting parts, keeping this young drummer plenty busy. Alternating single and double kicks along with the standard hi-hat and snare combo, Sina runs through cymbal catches and other hallmarks of the song.

One of the most challenging part comes after the subdued, melodic solo, laying down the foundation for the muted rhythms with a flurry of double kicks. The only thing that could have made this cover better was if she threw in a few of those goofy faces Lars Ulrich is known to make while hammering away behind his kit.

If this cover has you itching to see the real version of the band live, check our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours to see a list of all North American stops on Metallica's 'WorldWired' tour. The band will be joined by Avenged SevenfoldVolbeat and Gojira on select dates, so check listings carefully regarding opening slots.

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