If you're unfamiliar with the brilliant Two Minutes to Late Night, it's a full-blown late night-styled talk show — for metal fans! Hosted by the snappy dressing, corpse painted Gwarsenio Hall with house band Mutoid Man (featuring members of Converge and Cave In), they run through various comedic sketches and the occasional cover, which is what we have here!

"At the core of this show, it's the love of music. There's nothing we love more than taking a classic song and f--king ruining it," Gwarsenio exclaimed. The band was joined by Jessica Louise Dye of surf rock outfit High Waisted and together, they went into a unique rendition of Elvis' "Suspicious Minds."

Mutoid Man frontman Stephen Brodsky leaned into the mic, delivering a loose Elvis impersonation before returning to his standard singing voice, trading off with Dye. The song's rollicking energy has a grin-inducing aura of fun, amped up when Gwarsenio hops onstage with an impersonation of his own, but quickly morphs into Axl Rose, leaping offstage headfirst, tackling a video crew member who got the boom microphone too close to his face.

This sketch is just one piece of the larger Two Minutes to Late Night puzzle. In June, their first full length episode aired, featuring a guest spot from The Dillinger Escape Plan's Ben Weinman in addition to Bomb the Music Industry! / solo artist Laura Stevenson. Gwarsenio also found himself in some legal trouble with GWAR for using their name in his name!

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