UFC, let’s sit down and talk for a second. For over two decades, you’ve arguably been the most exciting fighting organization on the planet, and as of today, mixed martial arts has never been bigger. With each masterfully fought contest, the anatomy of what makes a world champion fighter continues to evolve before our eyes, solidifying MMA as the most dynamic sport on earth. You’ve always been on the cutting edge of entertainment, UFC, except for one area: music!

For 15 years, “Face the Pain” by Stemm has set the tone for each historic UFC pay-per-view. The beat-em-up nu-metal cut may have fit the bill in 2002, but in 2017, it sounds more dated than “Mambo No. 5” coming out of fuzzy discman headphones. It’s time for a change, UFC, and we’ve got some suggestions for your next official theme!

Gojira, "Silvera"

Hey UFC, want to keep groove in the mix while remaining fresh and supremely relevant in 2017? Gojira is your golden band. Having released the wildly successful and acclaimed Magma in 2016, Gojira claimed the throne as the current kings of groove. With a punishing riff and plenty of atmosphere, “Silvera” is dynamic enough to invigorate any fan of aggressive music. “Quit moaning about fate and change / Stand up on your feet and rise / With every fall you get the pain, you learn the lesson / Start now, open your eyes.”

Code Orange, "Forever"

Who else watched Code Orange crush an arena crowd live at WWE’s NXT Takeover: Brooklyn this year? The modern hardcore band was tremendous on that stage, so they’ve already proven their worth in sports entertainment. If UFC wants to jump on the “Forever” train, now’s the perfect time. The 2017 song would be a phenomenal UFC theme, retaining a beat-your-chest feel while retaining the most contemporary “core” sound possible

Korn, "Rotting in Vain"

If the UFC is married to the idea of a nu-metal theme, but wants something that doesn’t feel dated, allow us to suggest Korn’s “Rotting in Vain.” The 2016 cut is a raise-your-fists powerhouse that’s also emotionally taxing and most important of all… modern while heavily nostalgic. Just listen to Jonathan Davis’ psychiatric scatting during the bridge — it’s like “Freak on a Leash” 2.0!

Meshuggah, "Bleed"

C’mon, this one is obvious! It’s too good to be true, even. Can you imagine that crushing Meshuggah lead and Tomas Haake’s surgical drumming open a UFC pay-per-view? That entire arena would immediately turn into a mosh pit. Think of the energy the UFC could immediately inject into that arena crowd! The lyrics to “Bleed” even address the misery of defeat. “Beams of fire sweep through my head / Thrusts of pain increasingly engaged / Sensory receptors succumb / I am no one now, agony.” Sounds like the result of a Holly Holm head kick to us!

Cannibal Corpse, "Make Them Suffer"

If the UFC feels bold enough to adopt a death metal theme, Cannibal Corpse’s “Make Them Suffer” is the best possible choice. The song was unleashed in 2006, so it’s still modern enough to feel fresh, while Corpse’s lyrics perfectly fit the spirit of destroying another human. “Make them suffer / While they plead for cessation.”

Killswitch Engage, "Strength of the Mind"

Any UFC warrior will tell you that the art of fighting is 10-percent physical and 90-percent mental, so what better song to represent that fighting spirit than “Strength of the Mind” by Killswitch Engage? The band's 2016 track hits those nostalgic “core” buttons the UFC seems to love while remaining relevant in today’s musical landscape. It’s a damn fine choice!

Lamb of God, "Walk With Me in Hell"

Popular 21st century metal doesn’t get much better than Lamb of God’s “Walk With Me in Hell.” It’s got riffs, devilish chugging, bone-crushing breakdowns and Randy Blythe’s incredible vocals. The UFC octagon can leave an ill-prepared fighter praying for solace, deliverance and the end of their nightmare, while the best athletes pray for blood. “Walk With Me in Hell” works on every level and it would make a killer UFC theme to kick off any pay-per-view.

Mastodon, "Blood and Thunder"

If the UFC wants to grab as much metal cred as possible, the only band to fill that void is Mastodon. Why not utilize the greatest metal riff of the 21st century as the official UFC theme? The opening lyrics to “Blood and Thunder” even fit the bill: “I think that someone is trying to kill me / Infecting my blood and destroying my mind / No man of the flesh could ever stop me / The fight for this fish is a fight to the death.” Okay, “fish” isn’t quite accurate, but the casual fans aren’t going to hear aquatic references, only modern metal perfection.

Pantera, "5 Minutes Alone"

Alright UFC, if you’re dead set on holding onto the past, let’s at least do it properly. Use the ultimate fight anthem from the ultimate fists-up metal band, Pantera. Written about the father of a fan who wanted to fight Philip Anselmo, “5 Minutes Alone” is a perfect violence anthem for the UFC. Each UFC round is five minutes long for god’s sake! The song practically volunteers itself as the fighting organization’s official theme!

Cattle Decapitation, "Forced Gender Reassignment"

Okay, this one may be a bit overboard, but if you want to be the most extreme sport on the planet, you’ve got to embrace the most extreme music on the planet. Trash talking has evolved tremendously over the years, but even Conor McGregor has never threatened to physically emasculate someone to the degree of Cattle Decapitation’s “Forced Gender Reassignment.” To truly terrify your opponent, it’s integral to go to the nth degree… “motherf—king biblically.”

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