Axl Rose is everyone's favorite loose cannon. If there are any lessons to be learned since Guns N' Roses released the iconic 'Appetite for Destruction' in 1987, it's NEVER throw ANYTHING on the stage while Axl is performing, be ready for a physical assault if you're taking photos and DO NOT come to a GN'R gig with a Slash t-shirt.

To be fair, some of these Unforgettable Axl Rose Onstage Moments are positive in nature, with Rose stopping certain songs to quell violence in the crowd, both from fans and security. However, the coup de grace of this video is our aptly named, 'The Axl Rose Interpreter Saga,' where he employs the skills of a translator to deliver not-so-friendly messages to Spanish-speaking crowds.

Enjoy these 12 Unforgettable Axl Rose Onstage Moments and be sure watch more of our Loud Lists below!

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