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We've been having a blast creating video compilations of "Unforgettable Moments" from footage of your favorite rock and metal musicians. This one, however, may have been the most fun to make. Get ready for 12 Unforgettable Maynard James Keenan Moments!

Hardcore fans of the Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer vocalist are all too familiar with one of Maynard's first musical projects, Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty (C.A.D.). Back in the '80s, C.A.D. existed as somewhat of a jam band which would help Maynard develop his compositional skills during his pre-Tool days. In this Loud List, you'll see C.A.D. perform an early version of what became Tool's "Sober" followed by a legendary performance of the staple track at the 1993 Reading Festival.

You'll also see Maynard's masterful ways of messing with people. From detailing a long lost book that most likely doesn't exist, to composing music for the sole purpose of scoring his own masturbation sessions, to taking a fan hostage onstage for a full 10 minutes, Maynard is guaranteed to entertain.

Maynard has also made many appearances in film. You may have seen the man in Crank: High Voltage and Sleeping Dogs Lie, but MJK also played the role of Satan in B-movie Bikini Bandits. If you haven't caught this cameo, get ready to discover your new favorite clip.

Of course, no Maynard Moments list would be complete without some phenomenal live footage, so for all that and much more, check out 12 Unforgettable Maynard James Keenan Moments above!

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