We scoured the memeverse to find some lesser-known, bizarre and tasty memes from YouTube. Prepare to lose precious brain cells.

School of Rock may be a modern classic, but School of Djent would have been even better. Djent has become a meme in itself, but mixing the metal genre with Jack Black and his classroom of kids is a solid recipe for tart meme juice. Make sure to stick around for filthy bass tuned to drop G.

Are you familiar with Anton Maiden, the metal cringe god? Anyone who has stepped up to the mic at karaoke knows singing Iron Maiden is a challenge. Anton Maiden is the greatest possible result from covering Iron Maiden, bringing the charm of bedroom-dwelling incels to the most powerful live band in metal history. His scream on “The Number of the Beast” is what propels men into battle.

Peppa Pig has been memed to near-death, but we added a scene from the kids show anyway. When the cartoon cast shared their favorite music with each other, it was a wholesome and momentous occasion, before filthy death metal came into the mix. As expected, things didn’t end well, just like when crabcore began taking over the Internet.

Take a trip down the YouTube wormhole and check out these unusual memes of metal in the video below.

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