Velvet Revolver guitarist Dave Kushner along with 'The Simpsons' creative director Dave Warren have created the virtual rock band PusherJones.

The real-life musicians behind the animated band include vocalist Franky Perez (Scars on Broadway), guitarists Kushner and Warren, bassist Scott Shriner (Weezer) and drummer Joey Castillo (Queens of the Stone Age). PusherJones' debut single 'Count Me Out' will be released May 1, and appears on the soundtrack of the upcoming movie 'The Avengers,' starring Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson and Mark Ruffalo.

PusherJones is in elite company on 'Avengers Assemble,' which also includes songs from Soundgarden, Papa Roach, Evanescence, Bush, Buckcherry and others. The movie opens May 4. Fans can listen to the new PusherJones song on (link below), and it can be pre-ordered on iTunes.

In addition to finishing the still untitled EP from PusherJones that's due for a release in early summer, Kushner and Warren have a TV pilot in development for a PusherJones animated series. "Dave and I had a mutual love of music and animation and wanted to mash up the two,” explains Kushner. “We asked ourselves, what if the Gorillaz were more like Guns N’ Roses? We took it a step further and merged a real band and music with a fictional storyline and characters that are entertaining, relatable and funny. The music, art and the story has to co-exist in the same world while being able to kick ass on their own.”