Marcin 'Valeo' Walenczykowski, guitarist of Vesania, Sammath Naur, Mortis Dei and Rootwater has passed away on February 1.

The Polish musician was best known for his role in the symphonic blackened death metal battalion Vesania, of which Behemoth's Orion is a founding member. He joined the group in 2006, playing on their two latest albums, Deus ex Machina (2016) and Distractive Killusions (2007).  Walenczykowski also recorded two albums with Sammath Naur and Mortis Deiserving as a fixture of Poland's extreme metal scene.

Metal-Archives indicates Walenczykowski died of lymphoma and was born in 1980, but with no specifics as to the month or day.

Vesania issued a statement regarding the loss of their bandmate, which reads,

He loved life more than any of us ever will. He was full of joy, independent personality, and free of demands and judgement. We all should have learned more from him. He was also an outstanding musician. He never wished to complain about his health condition or make it public, although he was fighting a horrible sickness for a long time. Marcin Valeo Walenczykowski, our friend and guitarist, passed away this morning. Lights out. Curtains close.

Loudwire extends our condolences to all of Walenczykowski bandmates, family and friends. Celebrate the life and memory of Valeo below with a sampling of his work.

Vesania, "Notion"

Sammath Naur, "Harm"

Mortis Dei, "The Loveful Act of Creation"

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