Vildhjarta haven’t released a new album since 2011’s Masstaden, but the djent kings are finally back with a sophomore effort. The band will unleash Kaos 2 in 2020, but you can hear the new track “Den Helige Anden” right now.

The metal band’s discography is short for an act who’s been around since 2005, but Vildhjarta remain one of the most celebrated parts of the djent sphere. Masstaden brought Vildhjarta legions of fans, as did their Omnislash and Thousands of Evils EPs, but since 2013, Vildhjarta have remained relatively silent. A minute-long teaser of new music was released in 2016, but today marks the band’s real return.

“Den Helige Anden” begins with mid-tempo palm-mutes and dissonant drones, before going into full-on chug mode. The new Vildhjarta track stays brutally heavy, melding the best parts of djent, prog and experimental post-metal.

Vildhjarta ran into recording troubles with Kaos 2, posting photos of computer troubles back in July along with studio repairs mid-session:

Kaos 2 has yet to receive an official release date in 2020. Listen to “Den Helige Anden” above.

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