Festivals are a great place for bands to interact with one another, but it's not always the most friendliest of meetings. According to Lambgoat, an alleged altercation took place at Heavy Montreal between former GWAR vocalist Vulvatron (aka Kim Dylla) and Upon a Burning Body's Danny Leal that supposedly left the latter a little worse for wear.

Lambgoat captured a screen shot of a Facebook post from Dylla that is not available to the public that reads as follows:

So apparently the dude whose ass I kicked last night was the singer for some xxsceneemocorexx band called Upon a Burning Body. I guess not enough 16 year old emo girls threw themselves at him after opening the sh--ty baby stage so he had to come up and harass and molest our girls. Big mistake. Anyway, heads up to anyone at a show that piece of s--t plays that his d--k is so tiny that he will randomly come up to women and get belligerent and rapey if they reject him or don't know 'who he is.' I guess he won't be in any more Instagram pics with those ironic glasses at least ;) Easiest fight of my life.

Lambgoat reached out to Dylia for additional information and she stated:

My message is don't come up and grab strange women's asses randomly and then when they push you off say 'f--k you whores, I f--k better women every day'... and then not expect someone to act defensively. Security was nowhere to be found so I thought it would be best to put him in a restraint til they did. I hit him in the glasses with my beer then got a chokehold on in 10 seconds. Threw him out of our area and said don't treat women like that you entitled d--k. He came back with 5 of his friends (I wonder what he told his posse that he needed backup for...) and we had gotten security by then. He was still mouthing off about wanting to hit 'whores' so they escorted him out and he said, 'Don't you know who I am? I'm a performer.'

Dylla, who has a wrestling background, was at the festival as part of a wrestling event backed by the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise. While Upon a Burning Body have offered a video recap of their Heavy Montreal show via their social networks, they have made no mention of the altercation with Vulvatron.

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