No, this isn't about a flesh-eating hit television show reinvented as a musical — it's progressive German deathcore. But if you came for a bloodthirsty battle, you're in luck: the video for Walking Dead on Broadway's "Song of Courage," premiering here at Loudwire, has it all.

With all of deathcore's characteristics intact (beatdown rhythms, heart-stopping pauses, bowel-scraping vocals countered by anguished shrieks), Walking Dead on Broadway build off this foundation with bombastic symphonic elements, used more as a textural element than a focal point, to deliver their theatrical vision. "Song of Courage," at first, is a brutish offering, but by the track's end, the group paints a more triumphant, melodic picture.

"As the end of the video trilogy, 'Song of Courage' introduces an unexpected twist into the perspective on the question of rebellion," states the band, who add, "Disillusionment and faith don't contradict one another any longer, but merge into one in an act of courage and compassion. As the video does for the dramaturgy, the song is bringing the antithesis of the preceding tracks to a singular point.”

Dead Era, the third album from the German outfitarrives on September 28 through Long Branch Records. Pre-order your copy here and check out the video for "Song of Courage" above.

Walking Dead on Broadway, Dead Era Artwork + Track Listing

Long Branch Records
Long Branch Records

01. "Dead Era"
02. "Red Alert"
03. "Hostage To The Empire"
04. "Our Labour, Our Idol, Our Pride"
05. "Punish The Poor"
06. "Gospel Of The Kingdom"
07. "Song Of Courage"
08. "The Fire Never Lies"
09. "Anti-Partisan"
10. "Standstill"
11. "Dead End Utopia"
12. "Your God Is A Tyrant"
13. "Benevolent Warfare"

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