Israeli rock group Walkways have just debuted a music video for the heartfelt "You Found Me," their first new song since issuing their second album, Bleed Out, Heal Out, in 2019.

On this track, the band's melancholic spirit carries the momentum across four minutes of emotionally charged, soul-stirring rock with a dramatic rise and fall that hinges on layered guitar passages and synth-fueled atmospherics.

"‘You Found Me’ is a song telling the story of how after a devastating betrayal in a past relationship,” singer Ran Yerushalmi began.

“I lost myself completely in rage and overwhelming urges for revenge. I lost all ability to love, or be romantic in any way, let alone care about anyone or anything," he continued. "Then came the woman who later became my wife — she was strong enough and cared enough to be there for me and love me through my lowest points and slowly teach me to love and be truly happy again. The song is written to her."

Speaking about the far-reaching message of "You Found Me," Yerushalmi added, "This song is also a message to remind people who are down, depressed, heartbroken, or going through hard times — it always gets better. Stay strong through the tough times and look for the positive light to help you through them."

Speaking about the music video, the singer said, "The video was shot over a span of a couple days in a beautiful music studio in Jerusalem, and several locations throughout Israel. As a part of trying to maintain our DIY mindset, half of the video shots, and all of the editing was done in-house by the band itself. It was very weird for us to play seated, we are used to performing and shooting videos standing up, but the warmth of the studio and the vibe of this song went perfectly with this approach.”

Watch the video for "You Found Me" at the bottom of the page and read the lyrics directly below.

Walkways, "You Found Me" Lyrics

I was love at first sight
I was tears in an intimate stare
(but got lost)
I was romance in candle light
A sleepless touch till a dawn of fresh air
(now you are)
A deep breath after a long sigh
A home after drifting beyond repair

I was love but I got lost
Through this ever low
You found me, you found me
Through my polluted self
But You found me, you found me

I lay off the noise for a while
Listening to silly messages from you
Joy is flooding tears into my smile
Cleansing me to see the love I had in me

I got so hung-over on violence though sober
I got frostbites from a cold fake heart lover

Walkways, "You Found Me" Music Video

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