Did Singapore's government need to intervene when Watain booked a show in the country? Last week it was revealed that the Singapore government stepped in at the last minute to cancel the band's performance at the Ebenex Live Space after a petition had started decrying the group's satanic themes.

Speaking with Yahoo News Singapore via e-mail, Watain vocalist Erik Danielsson has offered his response to the move, calling it an "attempt to govern other people's lives and decision" without allowing them to think for themselves.

“(As) if our supporters in Singapore were incapable of deciding for themselves what makes them strong or gives them encouragement to go on living their lives in freedom,” commented the vocalist, who added that the band's response was to "treat it the same way we usually treat opposition…with scorn and humiliation."

Danielsson was asked if the representation of their music by those opposing the show was accurate, to which he responded, "(Do) we feel that they are accurate in their accusations? Yes, some of them are. But how to approach such things, we believe, is for each and every grown man and woman to decide for themselves," but he also added that some of the comments were "horribly wrong" in many ways.

“To say that we advocate self-destruction and suicide is like saying that the gospel of Jesus encourages people to crucify themselves,” he added.

The show, which also featured Soilwork, was to be the band's first appearance in the country. Watain are currently off the road, but they do have some European dates booked for late spring.

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