Guitars need a solid base to stand up to the rigors that many rockers put them through, so you might be surprised to find out that Fender recently created a cardboard guitar that actually stands up to the test and sounds pretty good.

Cardboard Chaos worked with Earnest Packaging and Fender to create the instrument, that ultimately gets put to the test by Linkin Park's resident axeman Brad Delson in the video featurette above. Watch as stacks of cardboard are molded and shaped by master builder Paul Waller into a unique looking Fender Stratocaster, first put to the test by some of Fender's employees before being transported over to Linkin Park's Chester Bennington who presents it to Delson for the final challenge.

"I have to show you what I believe to be the coolest guitar that's ever been made," Bennington says to Delson. "[It's] the sickest piece of anything that's ever been made." The vocalist goes on to add while Delson begins to tune up, "I don't think people understand how insane that concept of tuning a paper neck on a guitar is."

"This guitar looks so cool, and I can't believe it's made out of cardboard," says Delson. "I play these guitars onstage and even the similarity in terms of even the look of it to what I'm used to is just amazing what they've been able to do. I'm shocked. Thanks for bringing it by today. It's super fun playing it."

In other Linkin Park news, frontman Chester Bennington recently underwent more surgery related to his gnarly ankle injury earlier this year. This time the doctors went in to remove the pins that have been in his ankle to help it set right after he broke it earlier this year. Linkin Park posted a photo on their Instagram account, showing the scar and also pointing out that Bennington was in the studio tracking vocals for the band's next album the following day. Check out the post below:

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