They may be one of the hardest rocking bands going, but apparently some kids find metal soothing. And we're not referring to the infant from the Clive Owen film 'Shoot 'Em Up.'

One example of a Metallica-loving infant has just popped up on the Internet as a new father found that his little one has a penchant for singing along and tiring out to the sounds of the classic 'Nothing Else Matters.'

The acoustic string arrangement of the track performed by his father lends itself well to lulling the infant child, who initially sings along before letting the sandman enter (pun intended).

The fact that hard rockers like Metallica could provide something that would help little ones get to sleep is nothing new, as back in 2006, the 'Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Metallica' album was released and remains available here.

Watch a Baby Get Lulled to Sleep by His Father Playing Metallica

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