We already know Matt Heafy can pull out the unexpected cover on his YouTube channel, a fact cemented in his cover of Celine Dion's titanic hit "My Heart Will Go On" the other day, but now he's dove into the deep waters of boy bands by taking on 'NSync's "Tearin' Up My Heart."

The Trivium frontman breaks out his eight-string guitar for the cover, which can be viewed above, and stays completely faithful to the original. Just kidding. While Heafy does bust out his falsetto on the song, which was a massive hit for 'NSync in the late-90s, he also drops some guttural growls that would make Justin Timberlake blush. Overall, it's a fun take that's sure to make metal fans look at the song in a new light and pop lovers hide under their covers in fear.

Heafy has also covered such wide-ranging artists from Elvis to Toto and Britney Spears in recent months. Check out more of his covers over at his Kiichi Chaos YouTube channel here.

Meanwhile, Trivium are gearing up for another tour leg in support of last year's The Sin and the Sentence, headlining North America this fall with support coming from Avatar and Light the Torch. The jaunt will see the package stopping in 25 cities over a one-month span, starting things off in Tampa, Fla. on Oct. 3. For ticket information and a list of stops, head to Trivium's website for all the details.

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