Wayne Static has issued the video for 'Assassins of Youth' from 'Pighammer,' his upcoming solo debut due Oct. 4. The song and the video are autobiographical, inspired by the singer's final days of partying, before he quit doing drugs.

"I wrote this song while living in a hotel room, listening to Pink Floyd, drinking Crown and doing whippits," the singer said. In the vid, Wayne revisits those days, hotel room and all. It's about his journey from dirty to clean, so to speak.

The video, which premiered today on NoiseCreep, opens with the message (or warning) that it's based on true events. Cops come to the aid of a distressed woman (actually, a dude in drag, making for quite the ugly woman) dressed in a mumu. She and the cops hit the hotel room, where Wayne is in bed with a girl. There's a strategically placed black line, so we don't see Wayne's junk, thankfully.

The video then proceeds to unlock some hedonistic pleasures. Two hot girls make out on the bed, in the background, while Wayne sits there. Lots of fast, frantic and frenetic footage is cut together to portray the three of them living the high (or low, depending on your perspective) life. Wayne is seen in different attire as he sits there. Drugs are consumed and there is a sexy pillow fight, too.

Through it all, Wayne Static's big hair remains in tact.

Watch the Wayne Static 'Assassins of Youth' Video