Static-X frontman Wayne Static died in his sleep on Nov. 1, 2014, and since his passing, the metal world has been trying to deal with the tragic event. Static's former band members paid tribute to him, a memorial show was held and at the 2015 NAMM convention in Anaheim, Calif., Dean Guitars unveiled their new Wayne Static Modifier ML guitar.

Josh Maloney of Dean Guitars said of the Dean ML Modifier, "As you know, in 2014, we lost a very good friend, artist, colleague and just a great dude, Mr. Wayne Static. And as a tribute to him, he requested a couple of guitars for the tour that, unfortunately, he never got to go on. This is one of them. This is our Dean ML Modifier. And as Wayne and I spoke both on the phone and via text, he was very specific about what he wanted."

So far, only two of the guitars have been built, and there is no word on whether Dean Guitars will release this model for purchase.

Before Static died, he was getting ready to head out on co-headlining tours with Drowning Pool and Powerman 5000. Maloney talked more about the guitars Static wanted for those tours. “When he came to us, he said, 'I wanna play an ML.' I said, 'Well, it's interesting enough that you ask that because we're coming out with a new version of the ML called the Modifier.' And Wayne, without hesitation, said, 'I wanna do it. Let's do it. I wanna do the Modifier. I wanna be the first guy to have one, first guy to play one. Let's do it,'" Maloney recalls. "So we built him the Modifiers way early on, and this is actually an ML Modifier built to his exact specs, which he asked me for.”

The official cause of Static’s death has yet to be released by the San Bernardino coroner’s office, but both Static’s wife and publicist have dismissed rumors that he died because drug overdose.

Wayne Static Modifier ML Guitar