Rockers all know each other, right? Perhaps! Weezer's Rivers Cuomo revealed in a new interview on 'Larry King Now' that he's gotten his fair share of fan mail over the years, even some that's not meant for him.

"It's happened twice where I've gotten packages at my house, only my address isn't listed or anything. But I get these elaborate fan packages, only they're not for me, they're for the singer of Incubus -- Brandon Boyd," says Cuomo.

Even more bizarre, Cuomo has received these mysterious packages at not just one, but two of his homes!

Cuomo told King that while he did see a return address on the packages, he's held onto the items. "I didn't even forward it to Brandon. I should though," Cuomo laughs.

According to Stereogum, the frontman also addressed the situation in a recent Reddit AMA session in which one commenter, perhaps with tongue-in-cheek, responded, "Can you forward my letters please? I didn't know his address but thought you might. Cheers buddy."

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