It's cute to see kids and how they respond to the music of today's generation as they're just starting to form their own opinions. But it's also interesting to see how the older generation reacts as many of them were around at the beginnings of rock and roll.

The Fine Bros. shot this video in which they introduce a group of AARP-eligible folks to the wonders of Slipknot. They first subject them to the band's "Wait and Bleed" video, which as you remember not only features the song, but also introduced many to the band's stage antics and masks as well.

"This is weird," remarks one of the first responders. "What is he saying?," asks another woman. But don't discount the elderly from enjoying the thunderous sounds of Slipknot and thoroughly getting a kick out of the energetic live performance.

One guy is smiling and you can see his head begin to shake a little to the beat, though not reaching full headbang, appearing as though he could. "They are really going for it," remarks one guy. Another adds, "They are jumpin', lord I tell you."

It's not universally beloved though, as one woman asks if this is supposed to be music and another guy states, "I can hear a father or mother asking, 'Is this my child?'"

Other videos shown the elders include "The Devil in I," a live version of "(Sic)" and a Slipknot moshpit. "Outrageous," cackles one guy, while another woman states, "You have to give it a 10 for creativity." And you have to give credit to some of the seniors for having a clue about today's metal music. Though a few could not name any metal acts, others ripped off names of acts from the easily recognizable Metallica to the more surprisingly known Taproot. And one woman admitted she thought the band was Hollywood Undead. Watch the interesting array of reactions to Slipknot in the clip above.

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