Where is A Day to Remember? It's not just a clever Twitter handle, but also a question that many of the band's fans are asking, given that it's coming up on three years since the release of their Common Courtesy album. However, with a sense of humor, the guys are addressing that question with a new video that you can watch above.

As you can see in the clip, the guys are keeping plenty busy. Whether it be working as an Uber driver, getting really deep and taking immense pride in being a parking lot security officer or just stepping up their "game," the guys from A Day to Remember are keeping themselves occupied. Though we may suggest that you never down one of Neil Westfall's concoctions behind the bar ... just for your own safety.

While the questions have persisted, fans will soon be seeing A Day to Remember again. The band is headlining their annual Self Help Festival on March 19 in San Bernardino, Calif. Plus, you can look for a more extended tour taking place this spring. See all their dates here.

Even though the guys were having fun with the video above, we did recently ask frontman Jeremy McKinnon about the band's status. He told us, "We’ve been taking a lot of time off. We haven’t had a lot of that in the past six years. During this time off, I’ve been trying to focus on building a studio with our engineer Andrew Wade. We’re building a studio and calling it The Audio Compound. So, that’s been the majority of my time this half a year. ADTR, we’ve been doing our own thing, taking it easy and trying to recharge the batteries to try and do it over again, but nothing is really planned other than Self Help and those shows."

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