When it comes to the traditional metal revival, White Wizzard have long served as leaders of the pack. Once again reunited with singer Wyatt "Screaming Demon" Anderson, they've restored their classic form on Infernal Overdrive and have released an epic video for the album's magnum opus, "Chasing Dragons."

The clip flashes between performance shots of the band and a narrative that finds two lovers at ends. An argument breaks out and the mop-headed blonde man storms out the door and tosses his ring into the streets while the woman watches on through a crystal ball. Defeated, she grabs a picture of him off the wall and clutches it close to her chest before finding her own resolve, confronting and seducing her stray partner. He then turns back to the streets and to find out how the rest of this story plays out, watch the video above.

For White Wizzard and lone constant Jon Leon, this video marks a high point in the band's career and he had a lot to say. His comments read:

Well here it is - our first 'real' video for a White Wizzard song since "Over The Top" eight years ago. We financed the latest album recording on our own with support from the fans and we again want to say thank you to all of them.

The new album has deeper themes lyrically so this video is not as humorous as the videos from the past that we are known for. The title of the song is a play on words on how we all chase that first high we feel in life with love, drugs, art or anything and how even though it destroys us we keep coming back for more. The video is a bit avant-garde and relies on visuals to tell a story but leaves a lot to the imagination. This song is the favorite among all of us from the new album, so we are hoping it gets a more focused listen having the video accompanying it. We all think it shows a strong maturity in Ralph Patlan's production work, in Wyatt's vocals, in my songwriting and rhythm guitar/bass playing and in James' lead work. I feel we took a quantum leap here and the song is original and deep so we're very proud of this one.
I also want to thank the video director and co-visionary, Mr. Israel Perez, for doing this for practically nothing for a band with very little budget. Without him this would not have even been possible. These days in this industry you need artists that are willing to help other artists and for that I am very grateful. Check out his other work and support him.

No matter what happens in the future with White Wizzard, I am thrilled we did this album and am very pleased of the work everyone put in. This song and video are the culmination of a couple years of work and dreaming — chasing those dragons — this band has kicked my ass so many times but I keep coming back for more because I'm just too in love with music to ever give up.

Cheers and thanks to the fans and musicians that have been with the band for years of memories both good and bad. It's been a hell of a run but I'm happy I got to experience it - 'buy the ticket, take the ride' - that's the only way to live your life. I moved to L.A. living in a car and then a rehearsal space with nothing but guitars and a dream. I've taken it this far so I can't complain, I'm still standing. We did what we set out to do, regardless of how popular it gets.

Infernal Overdrive is out now on M-Theory and you can snag your copy here. Keep an eye on the White Wizzard Facebook page to stay up to date with all they're doing.

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