This video basically dates back to the dawn of YouTube, but its funny factor is still off the charts in 2018. In this Best of YouTube clip, a high school band performs a cover of Avenged Sevenfold’s “Unholy Confessions” only to fall on their faces.

High school is a brutal time to be a musician. Chances are you’re forming your first band and just learning how to play in time with your friends. Forget just playing in time, you’ve got to nail all your parts, perform with feeling and have enough focus left to think about stage presence. Now step onstage, pull it off in one try, or else be hopelessly ridiculed by your peers — that’s the life of a start-up band. All our favorite acts went through these growing pains, but at least there weren’t cameras in everyone’s pocket and a platform like YouTube around when Sabbath started!

That being said, these dudes weren’t quite ready to take the stage. The guitarist to the far right actually starts up “Unholy Confessions” pretty well, but once the rest of the guys jump in, it all goes to Hell. The vocalist in the red cut-off gloves does a good job going wild at first, but once he actually starts singing, you can’t help but wonder if he’s exorcizing some demons. Sadly, he forgets about the cardinal rule of pacing and completely runs out of breath by the first chorus.

The band completely falls apart at around the three-minute mark, with nobody seeming to know where they are. “Just keep going!” the singer screams, which is a noble request, but ultimately a mistake. The dudes fail to tighten up, but hey, anyone with the balls to perform in front of a crowd deserves some respect.

Check out the world’s worst Avenged Sevenfold cover in the video above!

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