We've all had to endure crappy jobs in our lives. Whether you were scooping ice cream as a kid, washing dishes to pay your massive student loans, or just wanted to jam an icepick into your boss' skull -- we all have our horror stories.

Rock stars have the greatest job on the planet, right? Playing music to packed houses, getting tons of chicks, making a boatload of cash and seeing the world in the process. However, it's easy to forget that even the most celebrated musicians are, in fact, just normal people like us. Additionally, the rockers on this list not only worked day jobs to fund their passion, but worked some of the worst jobs out there.

We've teamed up with websites Ultimate Classic Rock, PopCrush, Diffuser.fm, Taste of Country and ScreenCrush to showcase the musicians who worked these frightful gigs. Check out our surprising list of Worst Pre-Fame Jobs.

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