Earlier this summer we reported that X guitarist and punk legend Billy Zoom was battling bladder cancer, marking the second time in his life that he's dealt with cancer. After receiving the diagnosis, he got in a performance with the band before starting on a round of chemotherapy and he's now checked in with an update.

According to Zoom, he's cancer free at the moment, but will continue receiving chemotherapy treatments in hopes that he can ward off a potential return. In between some of these treatments, we might actually see the guitarist back onstage with the band. His post on the matter can be read below:

I've had my big exam and I'm cancer-free right now. However, my doctors are very concerned about it coming back, so, if I'm lucky, I'll be on and off chemotherapy for the next eighteen months. If I can make it through the next eighteen months without it coming back, things will be looking pretty good.
For the time being, I'm looking at one month of chemo, two months off, one month on, two months off, etc. It will probably take me two or three weeks to recover from each month of chemo, but that still leaves five or six good weeks between chemo sessions to play some X shows and I'll be pushing for us to do as many as we can schedule. Once again, thank you all for your support and keep the prayers coming.
I almost forgot to mention that chemo is very slimming. I look good.

Earlier this summer, the band and their manager Mike Rouse launched a Go Fund Me page in order to help the musician offset some of his medical costs. The goal was to raise $50,000, but fans had far exceeded that goal with just shy of $97,000 raised for the beloved musician at press time. You can visit the site and donate here.

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