The masks, the matching boiler suits, the pure, unabashed passion and fury. Yes, we're talking about Slipknot and while you think you may know all there is to know about the band, we've dug a little deeper into their history to uncover some more obscure facts. So check out the Slipknot edition of 'You Think You Know Metal' above.

Before deciding on his mask and suit, do you know what frontman Corey Taylor almost dressed as? Which frightening band member has a softer side as a cat lover? What 2000s comedy film features Chris Fehn's mask as part of a gag? What band member appeared on the big screen as Lucifer's assistant? Get the answer to those questions and more by watching the video above.

And if you know any interesting facts about Slipknot, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Script by Ed Rivadavia and Chad Childers; Narration by Full Metal Jackie; Video Editing by Paul Brasil.

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