Which is the better beard: Zakk Wylde's full-length, string-tied beard or Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian's bushy goatee? That was the question posed by Wylde to a distinguished rock panel including Slayer's King Kerry and members of Anthrax during a special Revolver TV interview.

Ian set the tone before any so-called experts weighed in. "I'm giving it up for you for sure," said the Anthrax star. "You and [Slayer's] Kerry have me crushed, it's not even close. I've got a Chihuahua and you've got a Rottweiler."

Wylde jokingly described his own beard as "Jewish" and Ian's goatee as "Irish Catholic" despite the fact that it is the Anthrax guitarist who is actually Jewish.

With even Ian admitting Wylde was the favorite, in came a string of rockers to weigh in. Wylde got off to a fast start, winning votes from Kerry (who was wearing a T-shirt from Brooklyn's fine Duff's Alcohol Abuse Center), the members of Anthrax and even rock scribe Eddie Trunk. It wasn't until performance artists/DJ Lady Starlight offered her opinion that Ian even tallied a single vote.

But the contest isn't quite over. Watch Scott Ian and Zakk Wylde in the video below, then tell us who you think has the better beard. Consider carefully before you vote -- there's a lot riding on this!

Watch Zakk Wylde take on Scott Ian take in the Best Beard Contest