It looks like the zombie apocalypse is upon us, and we want you to be prepared. Remember the beginning of the movie 'Shaun of the Dead,' when Simon Pegg's character was completely oblivious to the zombie apocalypse? Well, we don't want you to be that person. The zombie apocalypse has officially begun, and Loudwire has got your back.

Don't believe us? You've surely seen the recent news story about that crazy dude in Florida eating another guy's face. You may have even heard about an another crazy dude in New Jersey stabbing himself in the gut and throwing his intestines at police. Not enough proof you say? How about the fact that it's the year 2012? Face it, people, movies have been predicting zombie invasions since 1932, when Bela Lugosi commanded a hoard of the undead in the film 'White Zombie.'

The Lugosi film served as the namesake for Rob Zombie's first band, White Zombie, before the frontman began his successful solo career as both a musician and filmmaker. Rob Zombie holds the key to surviving unrelenting masses of the living dead, so with the goal of mankind's preservation, we give you Five Rob Zombie Songs for Fighting the Undead!

  • 'Die Zombie Die'

    White Zombie

    'Die Zombie Die' is an ideal track to begin your new life of nomadic and blood-splattered survival in the zombie apocalypse. Featured on White Zombie's debut album, 'Soul-Crusher,' the song 'Die Zombie Die' sounds like it was literally written by a member of the living dead. The track paints a twisted visual picture of zombies stumbling around the desolate wreckage that is planet Earth. With lyrics such as What's in store? / Fleshy jaws and Cannibal collision / American girl / Suck in your gut, 'Die Zombie Die' is a perfect addition to any zombie killing playlist.

  • 'I, Zombie'

    White Zombie

    As your zombie apocalypse DJs, we suggest that you continue bashing in zombie skulls to White Zombie's 'I, Zombie.' A bit more fast-paced than 'Die Zombie Die,' this next track will succeed to get some adrenaline going throughout your hopefully still-in-tact body. 'I, Zombie' is written from the perspective of the living-impaired, with lyrics written with the undead intellect of zombie 'Bub' from Day of the Dead. I, Zombie duplicating / I, Zombie eliminating / I, Zombie f---ing you / I, Zombie never through. Stay sharp and keep your wits about you, because the zombie killing spree is about to hit the road.

  • 'Dragula'

    Rob Zombie

    Take a moment to search through your brains for a second. Is there any song in the Rob Zombie catalogue, or even in the realm of metal, that amps you up for a zombie apocalypse more than 'Dragula'? Do us a favor -- if you get a free moment from blasting off undead heads, scroll through your iPod and play 'Dragula.' You'll see that without a doubt, the track will conjure superhuman zombie-killing abilities from within the depths of your being. So dig through the ditches, burn through the witches and burn like an animal as you run down the undead 'Planet Terror' style.

  • 'Living Dead Girl'

    Rob Zombie

    Now that you've mastered the art form of the zombie massacre, you probably feel untouchable. You've butchered countless zombies and protected your survival crew with the expertise of Sheriff Rick from 'The Walking Dead.' But suddenly ... plot twist! You've fallen in love with a 'Living Dead Girl.' Awkward. You can't help but feel a new appreciation for the lyrics, Blood on her skin / Dripping with Sin / Do it again / Living Dead Girl. You know what you've gotta do. It's time to lovingly detach head from body -- and what better song to decapitate your undead beloved to than 'Living Dead Girl'?

  • 'More Human Than Human'

    White Zombie

    Along with food, water, other survivors and your arsenal of weapons that would make Doomguy blush, the fifth and final song we recommend you keep close by is White Zombie's. 'More Human Than Human.' This monster hit will pump the killing spirit directly into your ears while providing a solid track as you grind zombies into meat. Lyrics such as, Hell American freak, yeah / I am the crawling dead, will keep your head in the game and provide the inspiration to keep on killing. In fact, all this killing during the zombie apocalypse has probably left you pretty thirsty. Let's head on over to the Winchester...

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