With reunions of legendary acts like Guns N’ Roses and the Misfits setting the world ablaze, we put together a list of 10 Defunct Bands the World Needs Right Now!

A rule we set for this list is that all the ‘“classic” members of the band currently have to be alive, which is sadly why you won’t see Pantera and Led Zeppelin here. Also, the bands have to be completely inactive, so we didn’t include Smashing Pumpkins or Skid Row here, since those bands are still active despite missing classic members.

Perhaps the most obvious act to mention is Rage Against the Machine. Though fans are getting their fill with Prophets of Rage, the addition of Zack de la Rocha on the mic makes for a completely different animal. The small number of reunion shows since RATM’s breakup in 2000 have felt like worldwide celebrations and if the original four of Rage ever decided to reform, they’d surely be able to fill stadiums with loyal fans.

It’s hard to believe the White Stripes have been broken up since 2011, but during their rise in the 2000s, the Stripes were one of the few bands who injected new life into rock and roll. Tracks like “Seven Nation Army” and “Icky Thump” brought a classic rock sensibility into the mainstream, reintroducing the world to the power one man can have behind a guitar. We still miss the metronomic drumming of Meg White backing up bandmate Jack White, so we’re certain a reunion would be gigantic.

Check out 10 Defunct Bands the World Needs Right Now in the Loud List above.

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