We’ve moved into the 21st century with our Loud Lists narrowing down the best metal songs of each decade. In this video, we run through 2000-2009 and choose the single metal cut that reigns supreme for every year.

Following the groove and nu-metal wave that delivered metal through the ‘90s, progressive music suddenly exploded at the turn of the millennium. Though Tool experienced much success in the ‘90s, they really became a cult in the early 2000s with Lateralus. They followed the gigantic album with 10,000 Days, which further indoctrinated fans with the word of Maynard.

Extreme music got more extreme in the 2000s, especially thanks to bands like Meshuggah. No band crushes with blistering technicality quite like the Swedish djent titans. You’ll find two ‘Shuggah tracks in this Loud List, representing the Nothing and obZen albums. Opeth also grab a prominent position in this video with one of their most brutal and sophisticated songs.

When discussing 21st century metal, Mastodon should always be one of the first names flying out of your mouth. Having released four damn-near-perfect albums in the 2000s, Mastodon slowly became underground metal’s most admired and accomplished act of the decade. The Georgia sludge peddlers could have filled nearly half of this list, but Loudwire’s staff could only agree on one track to include.

Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Metal Songs of the 2000s (Year by Year) in the Loud List above.

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