Without a solid rhythm section, you have no band. To celebrate the greatest rock and metal guitarists who keep the foundation tight and unstoppable, Gear Factor and Squiggy present this Top 10 rhythm guitarists list.

Malcolm Young — a rock legend we lost far too soon. Behind the flashy solos and wild antics of brother Angus, Malcolm Young kept AC/DC the most solid rock band perhaps of all time. Always perfectly in the pocket, Malcolm’s rhythm playing was inspirational to countless guitarists, with the AC/DC legend often being called the greatest ever at rhythm guitar.

Another rocker who shaped a generation of rhythm guitarists is Johnny Ramone. Down stroking power chords almost exclusively, Johnny helped give the Ramones a raw style that had been touched on by the Stooges, but never fully explored. Johnny essentially invented the punk rock style, which would later be copied by speed metal and pop punk bands, not to mention every punk band to ever exist.

In 2018, the world’s most powerful rhythm machine is undoubtedly Meshuggah. Accompanied by complex timing and a disgusting tone, Marten Hagstrom is a massive piece of what keeps Meshuggah pumping. No matter how many times ‘Shuggah switch time signatures, Hagstrom is always perfect, never allowing a moment of human weakness to be shown onstage.

Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Rhythm Guitarists in Rock + Metal above.

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